Fundraising – Building the Music/Arts Program!


Arriving to ICRPS in January, it was absolutely thrilling to meet so many amazing students who were/are excited and eager to learn music.  Wanting to provide these students with the best possible music program, with rich learning opportunities and experiences, we have set a fundraising goal of $11,220.47.  Reaching this goal would enable us to purchase enough ukuleles for our four intermediate classrooms, music stands, and Ukulele in the Classroom student books, to begin an ICRPS ukulele music program!

How far have we reached?

  • We have just received (October 22) word that our grant application/request for funds from the May Court Club of Chatham was approved, and we will be receiving $1500 to be used towards the purchase of our ukuleles, stands, and books!
  • The Ukulele Kings concert brought in $1000 towards our fundraising!  A very special thank you to Ben and Music is the Foundation, for donating $250 toward our goal (included in above total).
  • Running the hotdog sales for May and June 2019 (seven weeks), we have raised $1597.
  • We received a donation of $500 from Entegrus Inc in May 2019.
  • Thanks to Mrs. Sparling, we also received $2272 from S’cool Life Fund early 2019.
  • In May, we received a conditional donation from Ridge Landfill Community Trust.  When we have met $8415.35 of our fundraising goal, a donation of $2805.12 will be granted to ICRPS!

With this recent exciting news from the May Court Club of Chatham, and the recent fundraising efforts/donations received from The Ukulele Kings concert October 8, we have moved so much closer to our goal.  This means that we have now currently raised $6869.  How amazing!!!  It also means that we have just $1546.35 left to raise, before we have met the requirement for our conditional donation from Ridge Landfill, and will have met our goal!  We have also applied for grants/donations from Walmart, Chatham-Kent Community Fund/South-Kent Wind, and the United Way Women’s Leadership Council.  Keep your fingers crossed that they will consider supporting us in this fundraising effort.  If anyone has any further ideas to help us attain our goal, please feel free to contact me through the Teacher Contact section of this website.


A tremendous thank you to the May Court Club of Chatham!  Your recent donation of $1500 has brought us so very close to our goal.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

May Court

The Ukulele Kings workshops and concert were a huge success!  To see fifty students in each of the two one-hour workshops quickly picking up the ukulele and having a blast, warmed my heart and got me that much more excited and pumped for the building of our ukulele program.  Thank you so very much Ben, Pat, and Steve for providing these amazing workshops to our ICRPS students.  Your evening concert was phenomenal!  A tremendous thank you to Music is the Foundation for your $250 donation, bringing our evening fundraising total to $1000.  A very special thank you also to Brent DeNure and Ten-Seven Cafe & Lounge for sponsoring the Ukulele Kings workshops.  You have helped to excite 100 students, and helped to provide them with an amazing experience!  I would also like to thank Tom Morrison from the Chatham This Week for coming out to the workshop, and a fabulous article written in the weekly paper.



Many, many thanks to our volunteers who came out Fridays in May and June of 2019, to help with hotdog preparations, sales, and clean up: Bendon Dittmer, Blair Klonteig, Gary Louzon, Melanie McKellar, Melissa Smids, Tena Verkaik.  Your efforts helped in raising approximately $1597!

A very large thank you to Ridge Landfill, for their conditional donation of $2805.12 (that we will receive when we have raised $8515.35).  We are almost there!


A tremendous thank-you to Entegrus Inc. CEO/President Jim Hogan, for the $500 donation to our music department to purchase ukuleles/instruments that will provide a richer learning experience for our ICRPS students!


CC-ScoolA very large thank you to Mrs. Sparling and her efforts in applying for a grant from S’cool Life Fund.   We are extremely thankful for the $2272 donation received to enrich our students school music experience.