Music Advocacy

Music learning supports all learning!

Learning music, whether vocal or instrumental, has tremendous social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits with the development of the whole child.  From increased development of language and math skills, to learning how to better work within a team toward a common goal, music is important to the education of your child.  Please take the time to check out some of the advocacy material below, and you will see why the world’s top academic countries place a high value on music education, and why I am so deeply passionate about preserving/improving music education in our school.

The Benefits of Music Education

Music is Key

Twenty Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools

Twelve Benefits of Music Education

Is Music the Key to Success?

How Important is Music Education in Schools?

Music Education in Elementary Schools

The Benefits of Music Education

The Scientific Reasons We Should Teach Music to Kids in School

Clapping in Time May Boost Literacy In Children Learning to Read

Although this is a fairly lengthy video (17 minutes), it demonstrates the importance of music education from a young age.  This video helps to explain the importance and the connection between music and literacy, numeracy, and social skills, along with mental well-being.

Singing and literacy…

The power of the creative thought transferred from music to all other areas of learning is hugely potent.

Chalmers Doane still playing ukulele for adoring fans!:  This is a video of one of the developers of “Ukulele in the Classroom” (the program we will be using to learn ukulele).